Natural Beauties

Clyde Butcher's New Book Celebrates Our National Parks

The new book covers more than five decades of his work at 33 national parks.

12/02/2016 By Kay Kipling


Visit Old Florida in Our Back Yard

Two Preserves, 26,000 Acres, Minutes from Downtown

05/04/2016 By Kim Hackett


Shark's Tooth Festival Starts April 8

Will you be at the annual celebration of prehistoric fangs?

04/08/2016 By Kim Hackett

Shark Alert

Annual Shark's Tooth Festival Kicks Off This Month

The Sharks Tooth Festival celebrates Venice's status as the Sharks Tooth Capital of the World.

04/04/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Coastal Classics

Get to Know the Florida Manatee

Manatees are beloved presences here.

04/04/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Gulfcoast Glories

Stump Pass Beach Offers Beauty and Solitude

Stump Pass Beach on Manasota Key is a quiet, beautiful spot for outdoor lovers.

04/04/2016 By Venice Magazine


Photo: Cabbage Palms at Myakka State Park

The cabbage palm (scientific name Sabal palmetto) is widely seen, not only at Myakka State Park, but throughout the state.

02/11/2016 By Hannah Wallace

Coastal Classic

Everything You Need to Know About Sea Turtles

Florida is a research hub for turtles.

12/01/2015 By Hannah Wallace

Authentic Florida

Cheeseburger in Paradise: Authentic Cabbage Key

Florida’s Cabbage Key, accessible only by boat, is a true authentic Florida getaway. If you are looking for a “real” Florida vacation, near Fort Myers and remote Florida beaches, look no further.

08/18/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

It's Florida Lobster Season

If you haven't been down to the Florida Keys to catch your own Florida lobster this season, don't fret--Robin Draper of Authentic Florida shares tips for enjoying it at home.

08/11/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Florida's Coastal Nursery

Florida's coastline is America's No. 1 sea turtles nesting grounds and you can join walks to see them on Florida's east coast.

08/04/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Embracing the Florida Life

Authentic Florida shares some simple and affordable tips on how to enjoy real “Florida” living through travel, cooking, gardening, exercise, reading, art and decorating your home.

07/28/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Grilling Pizzas With Authentic Florida

Grill homemade Florida pizza using fresh ingredients of cheese, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and whatever toppings are available that day at your farmers market or local grocery.

07/21/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Authentic Florida Reads: The Barefoot Mailman

The Barefoot Mailman is an historical, romantic adventure story of a 1880's Florida postal carrier who walked along a 68-mile beach route between Palm Beach and Miami.

07/14/2015 By Robin Draper


An Authentic Florida Bargain for $2: Rainbow Springs State Park

Looking for one of Florida's best bargains? Try Rainbow Springs State Park for swimming, kayaking or tubing down one of Florida’s most beautiful rivers.

07/07/2015 By Robin Draper


Civic Pride Brings Fireworks Again to Venice

Thanks to the Sertoma Club, you'll be able to watch the fireworks in Venice this year.

07/02/2015 By Kim Hackett


Old Florida Charm on the Chassahowitzka

The Chassahowitzka River delivers old Florida charm.

06/30/2015 By Robin Draper


Authentic Florida Sea Grape Jelly

Try Authentic Florida’s delicious and classic Sea Grape Jelly recipe, made from sea grapes that grow along Florida’s coastline.

06/23/2015 By Robin Draper


Authentic Florida Homes

In Florida, our weather creates an opportunity to design and dwell in our unique homes, incorporating “Florida” as we interpret our own authentic personal space.

06/16/2015 By Robin Draper


Authentic Florida's Dry Tortugas

West of the Florida Keys and Key West lay the Dry Tortugas, an exotic combination of a national park, historical fort and a marine sanctuary.

06/09/2015 By Robin Draper