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Essential Info About Snook Haven

Everything you need to know about this funky outpost on the Myakka River.

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel

Season Preview

Banjos by the Water Keeps Music by the Myakka River

For 30 years or so, the Gulf Coast Banjo Society has been adding to the ambiance of Snook Haven.

10/25/2017 By Kay Kipling

Water World

17 Spots to Eat on the Water in Venice

At these 17 top dining spots, a water view is part of the menu.

04/04/2016 By Abby Weingarten


ON & OFF ||| CRASH COURSE: Essential info for visiting Snook Haven.

Out on the Myakka River, Snook Haven is an Old Florida BBQ joint, fish shack, canoe launch, boat dock and live music venue rolled into one.

02/06/2015 By bobbilynnh