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Q: What made you decide to move here? 

“In January 1995, my wife and I escaped the minus-50 degree temperatures of Winnipeg, Manitoba. We flew to St. Petersburg and drove along the Gulf Coast, where we found Venice. We walked the downtown, shopped, had some excellent food, and wondered how great it would be to live in Venice. In 2000 we moved to Pinebrook in Venice, and the past 16 years have been amazing.” —JIM FOUBISTER, organizer of Make a Difference Day in Venice 

“My mother and father moved here from Niagara Falls in 1970 when he retired from the United States Army. They were driving on U.S. 41 when they saw the signs saying, Venice—City on the Gulf. They wanted to be near the water, so they turned down Venice Avenue toward the Gulf. By the time they reached the Esplanade, they said, “This is it!” They moved into the Venice Park Apartments and lived there until they passed away. My wife and I found Venice by visiting Mom and Dad. It was the one place we didn’t want to leave. That feeling made us know Venice would be our home when we retired.”—KIT MCKEON, Venice City Council member

“Ten years ago, when I retired as flight surgeon with the United States Air Force, we knew we wanted to live in Florida. I started interviewing at hospitals around the state when a recruiter asked me if I’d looked in Venice. I said, ‘No, where is Venice?’ When I interviewed at Venice Regional Bayfront Health, I learned three fellow students from med school were already practicing in this area. Moving here was the best decision I ever made.” —DR. SUZANNA VASS, D.O., ER2YOU President

“My wife, Christine, and I were newlyweds living in an apartment in Lakewood Ranch and found Venice through lucky chance. We saw a home on the internet that happened to be there and went to see it. Instantly, we fell in love with Venice because of its small-town, laid-back atmosphere with large-town amenities. We can’t imagine living anywhere else.”—ERIC ROBINSON, Sarasota County School Board member

“My late wife and I had friends who lived in Venice and wanted us to visit. When we came we fell in love with it and bought the property where we built our home. I’ve been here for 31 years. I still like the climate, the small-town ambiance, and the conveniences of readily available golf, beach and entertainment.”—JIM MYERS, former Venice City Council member

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