Newcomers' Guide 2016

Tennis, Everyone?

In Venice, finding a game is as easy as showing up.

10/01/2016 By Kim Hackett

Authentic Florida

It's Florida Lobster Season

If you haven't been down to the Florida Keys to catch your own Florida lobster this season, don't fret--Robin Draper of Authentic Florida shares tips for enjoying it at home.

08/11/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Florida's Coastal Nursery

Florida's coastline is America's No. 1 sea turtles nesting grounds and you can join walks to see them on Florida's east coast.

08/04/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Embracing the Florida Life

Authentic Florida shares some simple and affordable tips on how to enjoy real “Florida” living through travel, cooking, gardening, exercise, reading, art and decorating your home.

07/28/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Grilling Pizzas With Authentic Florida

Grill homemade Florida pizza using fresh ingredients of cheese, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and whatever toppings are available that day at your farmers market or local grocery.

07/21/2015 By Robin Draper

Authentic Florida

Authentic Florida Reads: The Barefoot Mailman

The Barefoot Mailman is an historical, romantic adventure story of a 1880's Florida postal carrier who walked along a 68-mile beach route between Palm Beach and Miami.

07/14/2015 By Robin Draper

Shop Talk

Beach-Inspired Fashion in Downtown Venice

Whether your homage to sea and sand is luxe and glamorous or laid-back and casual, Venice stores offer the newest and finest in coastal living.

04/13/2015 By Carol Tisch

Shop Talk

Miami Avenue Offers Plethora of New Shops

Miami Avenue is brimming with over a dozen exciting new home fashion and jewelry shops, a world-class antiques emporium, and specialty stores.

02/09/2015 By Carol Tisch

I Scream, You Scream...

Beat the Heat With This Sweet Treat

Get your fix of delicious orange soft-serve any time you want.

02/09/2015 By Megan McDonald


1896 Lord Higel House Receives Funding

Generous donations provide needed funding to complete exterior restoration of 1896 Lord Higel house.

08/28/2014 By jeantrammell


New Exhibit at Venice Museum

The new exhibit at Venice Museum and Archives in Venice Florida features Florida fossils.

03/07/2014 By jeantrammell


Easter in Venice 2013

A description of the annual Easter Egg hunt in downtown Venice, Florida

03/31/2013 By jeantrammell


Two Shows Not To Miss

01/20/2013 By jeantrammell