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Image: Lori Sax

Even without the dramatic transition from a long, harsh winter (not here!) to a suddenly revived, blossoming landscape, the coming of spring can still feel like a tonic to us in Southwest Florida.

True, we haven’t exactly been shut up shivering inside our dark homes the past couple of months, waiting hopefully for the snow and ice to disappear. We can spend plenty of time in our great outdoors here in December, January and February. But the arrival of March on the calendar always makes me, at least, especially eager to capture every last moment during those just-right temperate days outside. Maybe it has something to do with bottling that sensation up so we can relive it come July and August, when air conditioning beckons us inside.

Poets have always waxed enthusiastic about the spring season, but here’s a more straightforward quote from writer Mark Twain, about spring fever:

“When you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”

Maybe what you want is more time on our waterways with other friendly boaters, like the members of Venice Yacht Club Sylvia Whitman interviewed for this month’s feature, “Home Port.” Maybe you long to sample delicious fresh produce while mingling with your fellow foodies, as Cooper Levey-Baker did in “Red-Hot Market.” Or you might just want to enjoy a leisurely lunch at one of the inviting outdoor dining spots Su Byron has collected for our “8 Great” list.

You might even feel a restless urge to find a new place to perch on our coastline, whether it’s in a historic older home, a bright, shiny new one, or something in between. Our real estate junkie, Robert Plunket, can help with that, in his story on area dwellings for sale in a variety of styles, price points and neighborhoods.

Whatever your heart wants this spring, we hope you get it. We look forward to returning to publishing Venice Magazine in the fall; let’s stay in touch through Facebook at our venicemagazineonline.com site until then.

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