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Erin del Castillo with husband Eddie and children Adelina and Liam.

Appointed principal of Venice Elementary School last June, Erin del Castillo is a former reading and English teacher at North Port High, assistant principal at Riverview High, and most recently supervised grades 2 through 5 at Pine View. Del Castillo says she’s particularly excited to be working at the elementary school level in Venice, where “It’s all about building that foundation” for its 587 students. “I’m very grateful to be here.”

Music, Music, Music

“I’m from Cincinnati, Ohio. My husband, who I met in college, works for iHeart Media, and when he got transferred to Florida in 2004 we lived in Panama City and now Sarasota. He’s operations manager and on-air personality for the 105.9 rock station; his radio name is Eddie Rupp here, [but] he was Cousin Eddie for the country station in Panama City. Music is always a part of our lives. We go to concerts as far north as Tampa and as far south as Port Charlotte. I’ve really grown an appreciation for all kinds of music.”

The Parent Principal

“We have a 4-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. I’m always looking at [my job] through the lens not only as a teacher and principal, but as a parent. It makes it that much more rewarding.”

With the Kids

“Now that our kids are a bit more independent, we like to explore the community, whether that’s going to the Chalk Festival or the beach or Mote Marine or Selby Gardens. We have such a great arts and cultural scene here, and there are so many great events every weekend.”

Without the Kids

“My husband and I are having more mommy and daddy adventures, too, trying to find that small amount of time when you can have your own interests. We’ve taken up kayaking, for example.”

 The Arts Connection

“At Venice Elementary, we have strong ties with Florida Studio Theatre. They just performed The Velveteen Rabbit here, and in the spring we participate in their Write-a-Play program. My third-graders are going to the Sarasota Ballet and they go to the Van Wezel, and my fifth graders are doing something with the Circus Arts Conservatory. We take as much advantage as we can to experience the arts here.”

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