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Venice Yacht Club members Kerry Carper, Roy Lee, Melinda Short, Jerry Bullano, home owner Crystal Rock, members Erin DeNiro, Commodore Jim DeNiro, Joan Bowen (kneeling), Bill Bowen and Cora Wright.


Venice Yacht Club has helped make possible a home for the Rock family thanks to a $74,000 donation through the Community Contribution Tax Credit Program to Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota County.

The home, which will welcome new owner Crystal Rock and her family, will be dedicated on Friday, Aug. 5, in North Port. VYC members provided hours of volunteer time in addition to money to help bring the house out of the ground.

VYC commodore Jim DeNiro says, “We are proud to partner with Habitat for Humanity in this, the second home we have funded. We wish the Rock family much success and happiness in their home.”


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