“Because coastal homes are especially prone to having guests, the key elements should concentrate on entertaining. The well-designed home should offer kitchens and gathering areas that serve this purpose. Choose items for those areas that are not only functional, but unique and pleasing to the eye as well.” — Marion Kersten, owner of The Tabletop on West Venice Avenue

“Think of a home by the lake or by the sea, with shuttered windows, a nice porch and a tin roof. Add some old reclaimed handmade furniture. Paint or stain the furniture and walls, and if possible the ceiling. Use bright colors such as sea-foam blue, throw in some mango for accent, and add a touch of red. Add an old rug or your very favorite casual rug. Nothing formal; this will be your retreat.” — Fred Hind, ASID

“One of the key elements is simple but well-proportioned roof planes and roofing materials. Hip roofs are the most aerodynamic and desirable in Florida’s high-wind coastal areas. Covered exterior living spaces often have fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, weatherproof audiovisual components and weatherproof rugs and furniture. Include open spaces with high or vaulted ceilings for free flow of air and light and large energy-efficient windows and doors with hurricane resistance and tinting for sea turtles. Sustainable materials made from recyclable materials and natural stone pavers and cypress wood ceilings are some of the finishing materials that come together to create a coastal home.” — Mark Beebe, AIA, architect

“Two of the most important elements are emphasis and balance. The emphasis can be a striking piece of art that draws attention when one enters the room. One center of interest is enough; if too many areas compete for attention, none will succeed in claiming it. Informal or asymmetrical balance works well in creating a contemporary or transitional style.” — Marsha Scott, Decorating Den Interiors

“We love our homes near the beach, but the sand that comes inside is something of a maintenance nightmare. So it’s nice to have an outdoor shower to rinse off the sand before coming inside. Solid floors of tile or wood are easy to clean and help cool the interior. Well-positioned windows make it easier to enjoy the natural surroundings and catch the breeze. Excellent weather makes outdoor cooking and dining part of our lifestyle. Inside, the tropical theme continues with bold colors and floral designs.” — Mary King, realtor, RESULTS Realty Group LLC




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