Dolphin tail w0jdei
There is no better way to unwind than taking a walk on the south jetty in Venice. Dolphins playing, pelicans diving and manatees munching on grass along the rock – people pay good money to take a vacation to see these things, but we have it for free in our own backyard.

As you can see from the photos, manatees are gentle and affectionate. Here, this manatee mama is nuzzling her baby. These creatures have few enemies. Unfortunately, we are their worst enemy. We should all slow down when boating in manatee waters and watch for the bubble on the surface of the water that indicates their presence.

This is the time of year when dolphins are often spotted from the jetty. Sometimes they work together to round up a school of fish for dinner. The pelicans often take advantage of the dolphins’ hard work, diving into the center for the easy pickings. While you are watching this demonstration of team work, you might even see a tern getting a free ride.

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