Question: Vinnie, I’m seeing more and more golf carts zipping around the city of Venice. Are these legal? What if I want to get one? —Joe N.

Answer: On the island of Venice, Joe, golf carts are no longer relegated to tees and greens. They have become de rigeur for residents who want to show up to Publix or Venice High School sporting events in style. Some of the more frequent golf carters have even tricked out their rides, creating a bit of “cart envy” among those who aspire to the luxury cart category. If you want to join the cart elite, however, you have to play by the city’s rules. You must have a street legal cart that is licensed and insured. You also have to stay on roads where the speed limit is 35 MPH or slower, and be sure that you drive between 25 and 29 MPH yourself. Drag racing is not an option! You can find street-legal carts or have one modified at Affordable Golf Carts in Nokomis, Battery Outlet in Venice, or Caddy Carts in North Port.
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