Here it is, early October. People in the know tell me season doesn't begin til November. I believe the first seasonal incursion has begun. I noticed it right around the first of the month. One of our local restaurants that I frequent regularly was crowded. I was asked to wait til I could be seated and got one of the squooshed little tables off to the side. It was a Thursday morning at my regular time, the place was packed and noisy.  I don't know if its northerners or just the fact there's a crowd, the noise levels go up all over town. I noted that most of the license plates arriving are New York, Michigan. Illinois and Canada. All the places that tend to have perfectly miserable winter weather. The roads are fuller downtown with lines at the post office. Our six month residents are quick to arrange to receive their mail. I have had no reports on how they're dealing with the new roundabout as they return to town. If anyone is out there witnessing this first time event, please report in. We are agog with curiosity. I was thinking today, we need a cartoon logo to immortalize our snowbirds. There are lots of options an artist could utilize. The artist could choose any of our seasonal migrating birds, we have so many to choose from. Their feather tones could be flounder belly white or perpetually sunburned pink. There is also that dreadful artificial sun tan color. Sunglasses and a broad brimmed hat is a must. Mismatched or overly gaudy tropical clothing is most normal. Son't forget the large straw bag with large pink flamingos on it. I know we have well dressed, nice seasonals. There is nothing fun to note about them though.  If you have a good Venice Snowbird logo you'd let me use, please send it on to share. The seasonals have returned to Venice. Enjoy.

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