I believe this is the best weather time of year in Venice. Rising early in the morning, there is a lovely hint of cool in the air. There is a small decrease in the humidity and light breezes blowing. For those of us plagued with hay fever, the pollen count is no longer increasing every day. Everything is lushly green from all our lovely tropical rains. All the fresh growth makes it smell like Spring, tho we know Autumn is coming. The stores are positioning themselves for the holidays. Most of the chain stores have all the holiday trimmings out for Halloween through Christmas. One of the blessings of dealing with smaller retailers in Venice, they actually wait to celebrate each holiday in its own time. Another one of the small pleasures of living in a small town.  Andee's Cupcakes has had to close its doors due to an illness of one of the partners. They were just finding their niche in our downtown, we shall miss them. I had restricted my self to one Peanut Butter cupcake a month. By immediately obsessing on the first one I sampled, I'm afraid I deprived myself of many other delicious yummies. I shall be eager to see what business takes over their space on W. Venice Avenue. There have been a fair number of re locations and expansions in downtown over the summer. I shall do a catch up on that soon. Venice is very lucky that their vacancy rate has remained as low as it has through recent economic times.  The weather has been so strange up north this year, it will be hard to predict the return of our Snowbird friends. That's okay, we'll enjoy Venice by ourselves until they return. Awaiting Autumn in Venice.

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