I had one of my readers bring something to my attention the other day. They claimed I had overlooked something in my "Real Floridians" blogs. I looked back and they were right. One of the things Real Floridians have to deal with every summer is road repairs and construction. I assume the first reason most road work is done in summer is to avoid having to work around the heavier winter traffic. From an economic view point most businesses prefer road work when the least traffic is here and they plan to be off some where cooler anyway. I personally feel the DOT and other entities like to have the road crews looking as hot and miserable as possible. They figure it helps to buy forgiveness for all the stops and starts they are putting us through.  The new pedestrian overpass has actually been less intrusive than I imagined. It has given us something new to watch this summer. If it turns out as pretty as its design, it will be a hot new photo op for the town. The round-about on Jacaranda and Venice Avenue opened up the first single lane and that seems to have been well mastered. Can't wait to see if we learn to cope with the two lane version as well. Downtown is under going a long overdue resurfacing. The milling is almost done on Tampa and Miami Avenues. Parts of the alley have been milled down as well. I probably won't recognize these streets once the pot holes are fixed. Some of them have been there since I was a kid scooting around on my bike. These are some of the fun challenges that real Floridians deal with in the summer. Dust, sand and large construction vehicles have become part of the landscape. So have friendly workers helping to move traffic along and eating their lunch at local restaurants. Another sign of  friendly Venice in the summertime. And real Floridians are happy to be here.

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