Question: Vinnie, what do you know about the osprey nest atop the light pole on the Hatchett Creek Bridge? It seems like a perilous place to raise chicks! —Carolyn W.

Answer: Carolyn, many an observer has driven under that nest and thought disapprovingly of those ospreys’ parenting skills. But when mom and dad picked the bridge for their home, they were no doubt thinking ‘location, location, location,’ because they have a beautiful water view and thus excellent ATF—or access to food! As mom tended to the eggs and then the nestlings, dad could easily swoop out over the Intracoastal and bring home the bacon. The nestlings most likely hatched in early May, and throughout the month could be seen flapping their wings in practice and anticipation of that exciting moment when they actually take off. Just like all kids, however, they require quite a bit of support from their parents before they’re ready to fend for themselves. When mom and dad finally get them out of the nest for good (probably sometime in late June or early July), they will go on separate vacations for a few months with their buddies, then reunite the following spring to do it all over again—possibly in the very same spot.
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