Question: Vinnie, I am pulling my hair out thanks to a steady stream of relatives who have decided to visit us in sunny Florida. They don’t want to stay in hotels for longer stays. Isn’t there somewhere other than my home where they can flop? —Annemarie C.

Answer: Sure Annemarie, Venice has a boatload of short-term rental options that have weekly and monthly rates, plus all the amenities your relatives will need to forget about you completely. You might start with established rental agencies like Home & Condo Rentals ( or Horse and Chaise (, which is not-so-coincidentally the name of our area before it was called Venice. There are also some efficiency and villa units on and around Venice Beach and on Casey Key near Nokomis Beach—some Old Florida in character and some just, well, old. The efficiencies across from the Nokomis boat launch are small, but you get added value from the entertainment provided by the people trying to get their boats in and out of the water. Just watch for flying expletives, as it’s not a pastime for sissies or those with delicate sensibilities.
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