I freely confess I have a happy addiction to television. I've always watched a great deal of TV and enjoyed all sorts of shows. One of my favorite restaurants in town plays 2 seperate TVs, one is tuned to news programs, the other is tuned to the Food Channel. I find it interesting that the one channel will kill your appetite and the other will make you ravenous. It has been a very interesting season on TV this year. Cable TV channels are winning hands down in my world. The networks are investing in way too many reality shows. Not only that, but we are watching people who are either that stupid or that desperate to put them selves through these agonies in public. I have no stomach for these and have not watched. I am seriously delighted by the quality of some of the mini series that are coming out on cable. I really miss "Deadwood", one of the most realistic style westerns I've ever seen. For sheer escapism, I am enjoying "True Blood". I have read the complete series by Charlotte Harris and they have stayed basicly true to the original stories. Vampre stories are amoung some of my favorites. I still mourn the demise of "Dark Shadows" the original. I did watch the short lived remake with Ben Cross, but it was not the same.  A new series this year is "Game of Thrones" based on the George R. Martin books. Sean Bean is playing Lord Eddard, he has been a favorite of mine since the  Sharpe's Rifles series. A fantastic actor, I'm afraid his character gets killed off here at the end of the first season. The story is strong enough that I will continue to watch. Another gorgeously done historic drama is "The Borgias" with Jeremy Irons playing the Cardinal. He is a fascinating actor to watch and always chooses projects worth the watching.. Does anyone else remember him playing young Freddie to Audrey Hepburn's Eliza Doolittle? He sang the beautiful love song "On the Street Where You Live".  In two weeks they start showing new episodes of "True Blood" and I will be planted in front of my TV to enjoy every minute. P.S. I'm enjoying N.C.I.S. while I'm tapping out this note to you. What are the rest of you watching on TV in beautiful Venice?