A familiar sound is beginning to be heard in Venice again. I speak of the sounds of construction. For years new construction has been one of the economic drivers in the area. It is good to see a re-emergence of activity on our area. I don't expect it to reach the levels we have seen in the past, but it's good to see something happening. The old Lum's Restaurant has been demolished on the corner of Bus 41 and Indian Avenue. It will be a brand new Walgreens Drug Store. The cinder block is going up quickly and word on the street is projecting a Fall opening. Since I remember when we had a Walgreens and an Eckerds on the island, I am glad to see one of them returning.  Only a block away, we have Venice High School. Most of the older buildings have been torn down. It used to be a traditional open air campus. It will have a large central building about 4 stories high. Have not seen the final design for it, but I suspect it will look a lot like Venice Elementary. I describe the look of most of the schools now a days as  very institutional looking. Am eager to get a tour when they finish it. I figure there should be some great photo ops from such a tall building. Further down Bus 41 past Gold Rush BBQ, there is an old Mini Market that has been abandoned for years. For several months there has been a steady buzz of activity. It opened today as an organic market. I am thrilled that they cleared out the surrounding area of weeds and debris. They planted a new row of trees and even cut the remaining greenery. It is a major improvement. With luck I hope to get in tomorrow to check out their offerings. It is no longer a blighted area along the Trail. Make sure you thank them when you drop by to check them out. About two blocks from my home, we saw a neighbors house demolished and a new one built. It happened really fast, it is one of those barn like structures that are popular now. I just noticed another house kitty corner from it has also been demolished. Can't wait to see what's going up there. If you're driving down W. Venice Avenue towards the beach, in the last block another lot has been cleared. If you find out what's going up there, let us know. I'm basically just an old fashioned nosey parker that likes to keep up with this stuff. Good to see Venice on the move.