I have loved the movies all my life. I believe this is probably the best time in the world to be a film lover. They are on DVDs, TV, Computer downloads, special cable channels, you name it. I confess that I am a traditionalist who likes to view her films on a large screen in a darkened room with the appropriate beverage of choice and a snack nearby. There are alternate choices I would happily make if they would fit in my schedule. The Friends of the Venice Public Library do a fabulous Thursday Film Festival. The Friends of the Venice Library have been supporting this forever.  Jim Orville selects and researches the films as he has for years. One of the organizers of the Englewood Performing Arts Series since the beginning, Jim is a dedicated film lover.  This February, Jim has chosen the theme "Let's Do It Again: Remakes".  What he has done is select a line of original films that are shown at 1pm on Thursday with the film remake being shown at 8pm that night. Last week they showed "House of Strangers" 1940 with Edward G. Robinson. The remake they showed that night was "Broken Lance" 1954 with Spencer Tracy and Robert Wagner. Jim always opens the program to share his research on the film. It is always educational and usually quite entertaining.  February 10th will feature "Don Juan" 1926 with John Barrymore and Mary Astor. The remake in the evening is "Adventures of Don Juan" 1948 with Errol Flynn. This is the version I remember watching on TV, one of those wonderful old Saturday afternoon features. February 17th brings both versions of "Imitation of Life". 1934 with Claudette Colbert and Louise Beavers, 1959 with Lana Turner and Juanita Moore. I remember weeping when I saw these films. They did know how to make you weep in those days.  February 24th is pure gold in my eyes. I love the musicals. They'll be showing "Showboat" 1936 with Irene Dunne and Allan Jones. This is a perfectly charming version, well worth the watching. The classic Showboat was made in 1951 with Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel and Ava Gardner in full Technicolor.

I'm sure Jim will have a  great background information on all of these. The films are held in the Community room of the Venice Library, they are very popular so get there early to secure a good seat. This program is held year round, thanks to the support of the Friends and enthusiastic volunteer Jim Orville. Hope to see you all at the movies. Another fun, free thing to do in Beautiful Venice.