I was driving back towards downtown today and spotted some wonderful progress towards connectivity for bikers and walkers in Venice. There is a plan to connect the now being built pedestrian overpass over Business 41 with the Venetian Waterway Park.  I am so thrilled that this will connect the town more strongly than before and provide  all a safe crossing point. One of the segments to be developed is through the back of the Grove Terrace property to connect to Legacy Park and end at the VWP by the Venice Railroad Depot. Past Grove Terrace it will come out to link with the new Pedestrian Overpass. The Eastern end of the new Pedestrian Overpass will link up with the Legacy Trail.  I saw that one of the bits on the western side  has been completed. The old lot the city bought that used to house trailers etc has been cleared. It looks like a stormwater pond is in place and a beautiful new paved walkway around it. Not open to the public yet, it is still a sign that the community connectivity we are looking for is moving forward. Venice Area Beautification Inc. and the City of Venice have both worked very hard to provide off road options for health and safety. If you happen to get stopped at the traffic light, take a moment to envision how nice it's going to be.