We are having our touch of winter this week. There were two nights when delicate plants were covered to protect them from unusual lows. On both mornings, I was dazzled by the sight of almost frost on the grassy park areas. Slightly frozen spider webs are beautiful to behold in the early morning light. I turned the heat on lightly in the house to be treated to the northern smell of heat burning off the dust in the air ducts. I never did see my breath in the cooler air. There was a large heron sitting outside of Crow's Nest restaurant on the dock. His feathers were really fluffed up and he never moved as we parked our car and went inside. After a leisurely dinner with friends and family, we returned to our car. Our large Heron was still in place and two companions had joined him. It is a comfortable place to perch, but it is on the water with no wind break. I would have thought they could have found a more sheltered perch to spend the night. I did buy some slippers during this stretch. It is the first pair I have owned since my last pregnancy. One does have to wear slippers in the hospital, normally I don't wear them at home. I joined the rest of my fellow Venetians in pulling out older, warmer clothing that is seldom worn. I will confess I have caught whiffs of mothballs from some of the winter &  fur coats that are being worn around town. I much prefer catching whiffs of winter clothes that have been packed away in cedar. In this weather I do confess to entertaining myself by studying the unique combinations of winter and Florida clothing. It may be cold first thing in the morning, but before noon the Florida strip begins as we peel off layer after layer as our warm friendly Florida sun rises in the sky. By high noon, shorts and sandals are the order of the day. As the sun drops lower in the sky, we start our reverse strip by bundling up for warmth again. Well, it's only a couple of days a year. Just enough to remind us why we chose to live in beautiful, warm Venice.  Enjoy our mini winter.

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