I didn't always do New Year's Resolutions. The last couple of years, I find I'm taking the decision more seriously. The year before last, I got a better camera and tried to use it to its full ability. I'm still wrestling with night photography. One thing I learned recently, I must add a tripod in order to accommodate keeping the camera steady enough for long open shutter shots. I am not used to holding a camera steady long enough and people love to jostle photographers trying to hold still. Last year, I resolved to tackle Facebook and conquer it. I've done pretty well with that one. I have my own profile and contribute to several non-profit group pages. It really is a lot of fun and helps to get the word out quickly to the community. Facebook changes so often, one always has something new to learn. I do try to add one healthier thing for me to add to my lifestyle each year.  Have not figured out the one best one to choose yet. I can start up my daily walk again. I could start doing the food fraction division of my plate. If only there was a good exercise program or gym on our artificial island of Venice. I could use a structured program to work with, but it must be close and scheduled early in the day.  One of my friends is resolving to get de-cluttered this year.  Another is resolved to learn ballroom dancing.   If you have any good resolutions to recommend to me or any of our readers, I would love to hear them.

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