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The next special group of birds to arrive to our sunnier clime are the Canadian Birds.  Canadian Birds are restricted to a six month continuous stay . Any variation from this has a serious repercussion on their Bird Hospitalization plans up North. They are also some of the more tax aware birds, who will fly up North in time to file their Bird Taxes by April 15th. One of their shared commonalities with the U.S. Birds. The Canadian Birds are easy to spot. They are still off loading their Canadian nickels. Wait staffs and locals alike will find lots of these popping up in their change. This is one of the easy signs to spot the return of those colorful Canadian Birds. A faster  way to identify our Northern neighbors are by their distinctly flavored chirps and whistles. I feel it adds a wonderful international flair to the town when their songs are added.  Canadian Birds love to eat out. usually in large flocks.  If you spot a healthy group of people, laughing and talking vigorously, listen for their accent. You may have just spotted the happy Canadian Birds. Welcome back to the Canadian Birds.

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