Question:  I know our city is the "Shark's Tooth Capital of the World," but why are there so many shark teeth in Venice?  --Johnson W.

Answer:  It's a little scary to think that JAWS roams our waters, and to know that each one of these sea bullies can lose up to 20,000 teeth in a lifetime--imagine the sand dollars under their pillows!  The fossils are found in abundance in Venice for a few reasons, and not because it's the Shark Tooth Fairy's storage shed.  It is thought that, millions of years ago when most of the south Florida was under water, the wave action here was calmer than in other places, which was bad for surfing but allowed the teeth to remain in place rather being swept out to sea.  In addition, ancient rivers carrying fossilized remains dumped into the waters around Venice.  Now, with steady erosion of the coastline, sharks teeth are constantly being exposed on our beaches.  So don't worry--we don't have more sharks than most places, just their chompers.
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