For those who don't know me, I am passionate about the Venice Theatre. I promise to keep you all posted on the magnificent work they are doing there.  On Stage is the deep stirring drama "Rabbit Hole". This is a serious drama about a family going through serious grief and the impact on them. The role of the mother Becca is performed by Amity Hoffman. She has captured so many intense feelings, you can watch the ebb and flow of them all evening. If she had no lines to speak, you still wouldn't take your eyes off  of her.  She has just returned to our stage after a 5 year hiatus. Welcome back, Amity. Don't leave the stage again.  Her younger sister  Izzy is played by Geena Ravella. She is a vital ball of energy, coping with the family dynamics of tragedy. Her goal is to try to bring the family back to itself and restore some normalacy. Jeremy Stone is one of our perpetual favorites on stage. His early performances were light comedy and musicals. Over the years, he has slowly added more dramatic roles to his repertoire. He has hit his own new high as the grieving father, H

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owie. Clinging to the memories and grief, he turns to counseling to help him save himself and his family. Nat is Becca and Izzy's mom, played by VT favorite, Rebecca Holahan. Known best for her work as the Director of Loveland Follies, she clearly proves her ability to create a strong character we can all identify with. She is the helpful relative who is always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Sorry to be making things worse instead of better, she is always forgiven by the family. Patrick Mounce plays Jason, the only non-family member of the play. A Senior at Venice High School and trained at Venice Theatre, this is Patrick's 25th show with us. There comes a moment in every young actor's performance life, when they finally create a character from the soul to the outer skin. This is Patrick's moment.  The wonderful director who put this riveting drama on stage is Candace Artim. Her day job is Venice Theatre Assistant Director of Education & Outreach. Candace acts whenever possible and is always a delight. As a director, she has also reached a new height. The show is tight paced and packed with emotion. You're afraid to breathe for fear of missing something. I was so entranced, the show flew  by really fast. This show is a feast for drama lovers.

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