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Art, music, cooking, history, tech, photography and more. Art, music, cooking, history, tech, photography and more.

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Arts & Entertainment

Worth the Drive

These Sarasota Performances are Worth the Drive

Travel up the road for these compelling performances in Sarasota.

11/12/2018 By Kay Kipling

Meet the Conductor

Venice Symphony’s New Conductor Troy Quinn Takes the Baton

In Quinn’s world, works by film composers like John Williams or Danny Elfman and even a pop hit like Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” mingle with more traditional programming, such as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

11/12/2018 Photography by Kay Kipling

My Venice

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Pam Johnson asks local notables about their holiday traditions.

11/06/2018 By Pam Johnson

Eat & Drink

Ask an Expert

Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Your Local Butcher

Meaty advice from Dominick Reina of Herman’s Meat and Deli.

11/06/2018 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Fun on Tap

A Venice Brewpub Buzzes Around the Clock

In a town that shuts down early, Off the Wagon Brewery and Kitchen is an exception.

11/06/2018 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Hot Spot

Essential Info About Snook Haven

Everything you need to know about this funky outpost on the Myakka River.

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel


Chef Tony DuBoulay Flies High at the Airport

DuBoulay's Suncoast Cafe has amassed a major following since it opened in 2010.

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel

Fashion & Shopping

Shop Talk

Sandy McGown Showcases Artful Style in Venice

"My customers like fashion that’s a little different—they’re artsy, they like unusual jewelry and accessories."

10/29/2018 By Megan McDonald

News & Profiles

Learn Something New

Venice Offers a Vibrant Variety of Continuing Education Classes

Feed your brain and stretch your life with these great classes and lectures.

11/12/2018 By Hannah Wallace


Flashback: Venice Avenue, 1955

A walk down memory lane.


Perfect Party

Our Guest List for a Get-Together of the Town's Newsmakers and Notables

From a music-video star to two hospital CEOs, here's who we'd gather together at our perfect party.

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel


Maria Alejandra, a DACA Student, Dreams of Remaining in the Only Country She Knows

“I was 16 months old when my parents brought me and my brother here from Colombia. My father did not see a future for us because the drug cartels had made life so dangerous."

10/29/2018 By David Hackett

Real Estate & Housing


A Venice Couple’s Thai-Inspired Garden Wins International Attention

The tropical oasis is anchored by fountains, spirit houses and statuary of Buddhist and Hindu gods.

11/06/2018 By Ilene Denton


What Your Money Can Buy in Venice

Here's what $300,00, $500,000 and $800,000 will get you.

11/06/2018 Photography by Robert Plunket

Neighborhood Watch

You'll Find Privacy and Natural Beauty on Casey Key

"The people coming here have not changed, and there is a sense of community.”

11/06/2018 By Ilene Denton

Travel & Outdoors

Nurturing Nature

An Englewood Photographer Captures the Beauty—and Stories—of the Animals Around Us

Mary Lundeberg began taking pictures only eight years ago, but during what she calls “my whole new second career,” she has collected dozens of national and international awards.

11/12/2018 By Pam Daniel

Tropical Bob

Writer Robert Bowden Pens an Ode to Florida's Bats

Florida has been a bat haven since before humans found our paradise.

10/29/2018 By Robert Bowden

From the Editor

From the Editor: The Nature Recession?

Scientists and citizens have been warning we need to protect our fragile natural assets, yet during the last decade, our elected officials have stripped away regulations and oversight. Is nature finally striking back?

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel

Gulfcoast Glories

Add Hiking at Oscar Scherer State Park at Sunset to Your To-Do List

Golden hour is the best time of day to do it.

10/29/2018 By Pam Daniel