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What’s the advantage of buying meat from a butcher?

Quality. Ninety-nine percent of everything we carry is choice meat—all natural, no steroids, hormones, growth products. We don’t carry anything that has GMOs. I can tell you what farm the chicken is from.

Why do you grind your own meat?

The pre-ground stuff in the grocery stores, in tubes, we call that the floor scrapings. All the stuff at the end of the day is put up in a big hopper and ground. I refuse to carry it.

What kind of unusual requests do you get?

A lot of people are feeding their dogs raw meat. Half of my freezer is for people who feed their dog raw products—the kidneys, the liver, the hearts.

What surprises you?

How many 60-, 70-year-old people have never cooked a day in their life. They come in and ask how to cook a hamburger or a hot dog. It’s mind-boggling.

How do you compete with supermarkets?

The one-on-one service. We’re waiting on people, hand and foot. My customers know they can call me and I will do whatever I can for them. We care about them. Even though this is a small market, we do $1 million a year.

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