About 50 Chalk Festival artists are on their hands and knees at the Venice airport grounds today working on “A Feast for the Gods,” a 22,000-square-foot 3D scene for the festival, which starts November 9.

For the first time, there will be a contingent of 70 Chinese artists, joining about 400 Italians, Ukrainians, and artists from all over the world, including locals. Most of the art will be at the airport, with a closed Miami Avenue providing an additional canvas.

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Children at last year's event enjoyed creating their own chalk art.

“I’m feeling very good about it,” says Chalk Festival founder and organizer Denise Kowal, who was fumbling with an Italian translating application when we spoke Wednesday. “We’re working through the usual logistical challenges, but the city has been incredibly supportive.”

For its second year in Venice, the festival is seeking a second Guinness World Record. Last year a team of artists led by Julie Kirk-Purcell created the Largest Anamorphic Pavement Art and secured a Guinness World Record.

Now, 3D artist Kurt Wenner, credited with inventing the art form, is at the airport leading a team of artists in creating a scene featuring the Greek god Bacchus. To preserve the scene from the elements, 3D artists use paint.

Other artists who create 3D illusions will start their artwork on Nov. 9, kicking off the weeklong event as it opens for public viewing at the airport.

Other chalk artists will work on the street of a closed Miami Avenue Nov. 13-16.

Each artist chalks for about 12 hours over three days, completing a 12-foot-by-12-foot painting.

Don't wait till the last day to see the art. Half the fun is watching the art evolve and getting to know some of the artists.

Kowal says they could use more volunteers. If you’re interested, sign up online: https://chalkfestival.org

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