Breezy overcast weather made for a perfect last day of the Chalk Festival, Sunday. The art, still on the street and the airport, is amazing. So if you didn't have a chance to go see it, you still have time, at least until it rains.

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Cartoonist and University of Wisconsin professor Tim Decker, who worked on The Simpsons in Hollywood, created a "happy little monster who likes to party" on our Miami Avenue. That's a must-see.

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Cartoonist Tim Decker's drawing of a "happy little monster who likes to party."

This year's "Eat, Drink and Be Merry" theme brought out the whimsical, the racy and the Renaissance. Artists came from all over the world, including nearly 100 people from China.

The Lesko family took it all in.

"I'm enjoying the beautiful art," says Dominic Lesko, 7, who likes to draw on his driveway at home.

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Peter Lesko and Dominic Lesko, 7, enjoy 3D art at the Chalk Festival.

No word yet whether the artists achieved another Guinness World Record for “A Feast for the Gods,” a 22,000-square-foot 3D scene featuring the Greek god Bacchus. Last year, the shark scene, still on the airport grounds, earned a world record for the Largest Anamorphic Pavement Art.

It's the second year that Venice has hosted the Chalk Festival, which used to be held on Burns Court in Sarasota. We're glad to have the festival here, and from the looks of the crowds in Miami Avenue shops, so are the businesses. 

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