This issue is devoted to “Coastal Living,” with stories about décor, homes, nature and more that celebrate the unique aspects of life along our beautiful shorelines. I came here from the North three decades ago, but I never forget how lucky we are to live in a balmy stretch of paradise cradled by the Gulf of Mexico. True, the deep-freezing temperatures and blizzards of the winter are over up North by this time of year, so the contrast between our different environments may not seem so striking. But there are still pleasures that can be derived only from dwelling in our coastal communities.

Pleasures of the beach, the sun, the sand, the waves. Of casual lunches with friends at sidewalk tables outside cozy bistros, or nature walks where you can spot colorful birds and tropical vegetation, or sifting for sharks’ teeth with your children and grandchildren, making memories that will last.

We’ve got some good ideas in these pages about making the most of our lifestyle, from adventures in birding with a well-known radio show host to expert design advice for creating a coastal-style home to great local shopping buys and tasty treats. We’ve also got an intriguing story by contributing editor Kim Hackett, reflecting on the model for our walkable, livable downtown Venice, created by planner John Nolen in the 1920s—and how it is and isn’t referenced in today’s real estate developments.

We’ll be back with a new issue celebrating the Venice area lifestyle in the fall. Until then, please keep in touch with us on our Facebook page and at We’ll be posting news and photos of events and happenings over the summer, for year-round residents and snowbirds alike. In the meantime, keep enjoying what our home along the Gulf offers, every single day.


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Kay Kipling


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