I, Joe Thro, your Cycling Sage, am a former runner, converted cyclist and nascent journalist. After running multiple local, several national and one international road races, I began to transition to cycling in the mid nineties and now spend some of my spare time with cycling clubs in Venice, Florida--albeit much of what we do is more social, less cycle.

I am currently a mid thirties mile , 14 to 16 mile an hour ( a number that seems to be heading down), one day a week road rider and a 2 to 3 times a week spinner. When training for an event, the mileage goes up to 120 spread over 3 days. The speed does not budge!

I have done RAGBRAI seven times, the first weekend of Bike Florida once and most of the local events. I am an inept mechanic but, fortunately, know where to find expert help.

My intent (hope?) for this blog is to share with you information  with which I am familiar such as bike courtesy and safety, RAGBRAI, Bike Florida, bike group sociability, bike clubs and bike shops, as well as information on topics that I will need to research, i.e. the history of the Venice Waterway and Legacy Trails, the future of the Legacy Trail and where Venice is headed with Bike Friendly Community status.

I am hopeful that readers will add to and correct my missives as necessary and suggest other topics for discussion.

Happy Trails.

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