1. Take a Class at the Venice Art Center

Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, painter or a sculptor, the Venice Art Center has just the class for you. Find out about their summer classes and find your inner daVinci. veniceartcenter.com

2. Classes Aren’t Your Style?

Don’t fret! Along with their classes, the Venice Art Center is offering their studio space all summer long. Check out their schedule to see what times you can head over to their unmonitored open studios. veniceartcenter.com

3. Show Off Your Acting Chops

Venice Theater is always looking for fresh talent to grace their two stages. Keep an eye out for audition dates for their 2012-2013 season, which will be coming up this summer. Soon enough you’ll be a true thespian. venicestage.com

4. Support the Locals

The Venice Farmer’s Market will show you the finest things our locals have to offer. Every Saturday at 8 a.m. you can pick up a fresh locally grown head of lettuce and then swing over to the local artists to admire their hard work and talent. Maybe you’ll be bringing home a hand-sculpted fruit bowl for those fresh and ripe oranges. Corner of Nokomis & Tampa Ave.

5. Turn It Up to 11

It does not matter if you’re in a rock band or a marching band—Troll Music has it all. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for your old Fender or if you just want to try out the flute—you can rent and buy all kinds of instruments at Troll Music, and it’s just around the corner. trollmusic.com

6. Check Out Our Picture-Perfect City

You have already seen Florida’s natural beauty through your own eyes, so now see it through the eyes of award-winning photographer Clyde Butcher. His stunning black-and-white photos of Florida will give you a whole new outlook on the state you call home, and his gallery, open Tuesday—Friday, is right here in Venice. clydebutcher.com

7. Become a Cinephile

This summer there will be a Death in Venice. . . Italy, that is, as part of the International Cinema series at the Venice Libraries. All summer the public libraries will meet your movie needs. Spend Tuesday afternoons taking in a flick at the Jacaranda Library, or your Thursday evenings enjoying a family movie with the kids at the Venice Library. Soon enough you’ll be walking and talking like a true Godard. suncat.co.sarasota.fl.us

8. Take in Some Tunes

Venice-based bluegrass band, Swinging Bridge, will be playing their unique harmonies that have thrilled audiences all around the state right here in their home town. You won’t want to miss their performance in Centennial Park on Friday, July 27 at 7 p.m. 941.484.6722.

9. Learn to Needlepoint

Looking to make a unique gift? Want to jazz up those old pillows in your living room? Or maybe you just need to fill in that blank spot on your wall. Needlepointing could be the answer—check out Needlepoint Ivy in downtown Venice to see all the possibilities. needlepointivy.com

10. Attend the Summer Arts & Crafts Show You won’t want to miss this one—on August 25th the Summer Arts & Crafts Show is being held at the Venice Community Center. With a variety of vendors and free admission, you can pick up some unique pieces made by the fine artists of Venice. scgov.net

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